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Dec 8 2008, 04:07 PM
Dec 8 2008, 03:59 PM
I mean, there isn't alot of detail and even with detailed spoilers, we often have no idea who will be on and how scenes will go. Usually once the mags come out with their stuff, all the info can be placed together and then you get some idea.
I agree. But here's what I want: No more Dr. Taylor after Christmas. Here's what it sounds like I'm getting: Not that. I'm just annoyed that if they (presumably) had to rewrite some things to wrap up the J&M story, they didn't write her out. I know others might feel differently, but I actually haven't run into anyone (J&M fan or not) who is enjoying the current Dr. Taylor story.
Actually, I would say she is at least making it interesting for J&M, which is a shame since they will be gone soon.

I think J&M fans don;t care for it but I think there are people that do. Just head over to DRTV where some of us have Dr. Taylor written into fan fictions already LOL.
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