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Dec 8 2008, 04:10 PM
Actually, I would say she is at least making it interesting for J&M, which is a shame since they will be gone soon.

I think J&M fans don;t care for it but I think there are people that do. Just head over to DRTV where some of us have Dr. Taylor written into fan fictions already LOL.
Honestly, hearing that Dr. Taylor might be part of Corday's "happy ending" for a 20-year couple isn't warming my heart. It's a triangle no matter how you look at it, and I think it would be completely insulting to the actors and their fans if she were there at the end. And I do say "their fans", because imo, if longtime actors are being fired, their fans do "deserve" something at this point. I know we all go back and forth about pleasing fanbases, etc, but I think that at the very least, the show should try to please a fanbase as they're taking their favorite characters off the canvas. These spoilers make it sound to me like Corday & co. might not even do that. I certainly can't speak for the actors, but if I were in their position, I'd be very upset if the storyline didn't do the characters justice.
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