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Dec 8 2008, 04:35 PM
Looks like the Chloe/Dan/Lucas/Kate story will be climaxing in early January. Not my favorite story, but Im willing to see where its go.

Not really surprised at all with the Jarlena stuff. I remember when Missy decided to quit and the show announced J/J will get their happy ending, the original story and triangle with Frankie still continued for more than two months with only minor rewrites. Weve got the final hurrah thanks to Beth Milstein, but only two or so weeks before their exit.

Happy for more Steph/Phillip stuff, surprised Melanie isnt part of their scenes because she is usually there.

What makes you think Lucas/Chloe/Daniel/Kate is climaxing?

The story seems to be just getting going. Lauren's contract is up soon, as is Shawn's, so unless they both go (which could happen), I can't see it ending anytime soon.

Good comparison on the J&M stuff. I remember being happy with how J&J was handled. They still gave them two weeks of solid material and the Frankie angle didn't seem to overplay. It was more about J&J those two weeks so if J&M can be like that, great.

The approach they take will go a long way toward convincing me of whether J&M will be back or not. If it's left completely open-ended and story is left sitting there, that will tell me we will be seeing them by or around summer. If everything is tied up and all the conflict is gone, I think they will be done for the foreseeable future at least.
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