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Dec 8 2008, 04:59 PM
See, that is critical for me too.

Neither Drake or Dee has said anything. The mags really have no details other then what Corday fed them. Their reps really haven't said anything either to the mags. I think it was just Dee's rep that said the character was being written out but usually with two stars like Drake and Dee, something would've been said by now in the mags. Then again, Drake said nothing when he got written out last year until the week that John "died" so who knows but I would think Dee being as big as she is would say something by now.

I just think this is one of the "only on Days" exits where they will be gone for a few months at most and then will get some hyped up return for summer. It's a shame that it's gotten so routine but Corday and Days is so transparent and the pattern is there. Everything I've read and heard doesn't make this sound final. It sounds strategic but it doesn't sound permanent at all to me.

We'll see how they exit because that will sell it for me.
I hope not. Itīs not like a few months later there will suddenly be some wonderfull original story for them, especially if they are leaving happy and together.
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