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I hate this show and when they exit, whether temporary or not I will also. I remember when they were BB'd in 07 and I waited from January until the last week of May. John was in a coma and I saw Marlena maybe 5 times during this almost 6 month period. I sat through Shelle/Phelle in Tindau Lau, Lumi's Green Wedding, Crazy Steve, and the Rapist/Stalker/torturer that was EJ. It was utterly painful though more pain came shortly afterwards when they were shown simply reading letters and propping up the ever pregnant and whining Lumi v. Ejami Hour

This time rather than sitting through bad s/l's on Days, I will not sit through any of Days and they will simply lose this viewer and others like me, for good. We will find other habits or things to do at 1:00 pm. We will likely not return in 6 months since we have been here and done this maybe three to four times in the last two years. This is what comes of ringing false alarm bells too many times, Ken C, we just will not come running anymore. :moon:
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