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Here's my question on the whole thing -- if that's really the plan and Corday intends to bring them back in May or so, wouldn't he have told Dee and Drake that and gotten their approval? And, if he did that, why not just tell everybody that's the plan? There's been so much uproar that Corday can't possibly believe that any potential positive press from bringing them back in secret would outweigh the current negative outcry, can he?

Now, if Corday thinks he might do this and has not bothered to mention it to Dee and Drake then he is even more stupid than I thought (and that's saying something). How will he be sure they are available in six months or that, based on everything that's happened, they'd even want to return? Although I guess if he can always get JM and RJ and the like back at the drop of a hat, maybe he really does think Dee and Drake would be just as easy.
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