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Dec 8 2008, 08:09 PM
Dec 8 2008, 07:43 PM
I think what King and D4L says is logical. Here is what I'm thinking. They axed them for three reasons. One, to let the budget breathe. Two, because they were having a hard time writing for them and wanted to give them a rest (and to perhaps see what would happen if they were gone in regards to numbers, etc but I think they have already experimented enough with that). Three, as a scare tactic to get others to take the cut and I think it worked because as soon as this happened AS, KA, PR, and JKJ all stayed on with at least 3 of them taking a cut. Once they showed anyone was expendable, they all got scared. Is it dirty? Yes. But maybe desperate times call for desperate measures. It would've never had to come to this if Corday hadn't been such a interfering, incompetent asshole.
Tim and all others who think this is a hoax and/or D&D are coming back, I have a question for you. If other actors are fired within the next few months, will you still feel this way?
Depends on who they are.

Bo, Hope, Stefano, Lexie....yep.

Steve, Kayla, Tony, Anna...nope (especially since Corday once threw then under the bus and doesn't seem to care if they are there although I do think they will stay on to finish their contracts now at least).

Corday is afraid of the Bope and J&M fanbases. That much I do know from hearing things over the years. That is why he always cites them in his "Plan to Save Days" and why he panics and guts stories in response to fans. I know fans think because they aren't used much and the stories suck that isn't the case but it is. The man is petrified of those two fanbases, which is why I know he did this because he felt he had to and he will reverse it, if possible or necessary, the first chance he gets.
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