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I'm not sure what to believe.

On the one hand, I'm with Ellie, 'cause I'd like to believe they wouldn't let a faux-firing get this far.

On the other...they've done this shit a lot lately, or at least it feels that way, with the firing/re-hiring. They seem to enjoy the attention it garners when we get all up in arms about someone's departure, and then they placate us by bringing everyone back which makes us happy in spite of ourselves.

I think they also enjoy having beloved characters in reserve so they can use them later, and they've gone through a lot of possibilities already.

Austin/Carrie were kind of destroyed last time around, and Peck's on another show now anyway. Patch/Kayla came in with a resounding thud, so there's no reason to assume a second exit/return would do much. Chloe's back, Brady's back, Tony, Anna, Stefano...back, back, back.

Really the ones outstanding are Jack/Jen (like that'll happen) and Shawn/Belle, in terms of major, fairly-recent brand name couples. Kristen's out there on her own, and while there's a pretty good opening for her from a storyline perspective the actress is on a different show (which is fine- I'm sure she'd come back as something resembling Kate, focused on protecting EJ from Sami/Nicole/Whoever, and that would suck). Actually, I can sort of imagine Kristen coming on as a recast and that being tied to John/Marlena's departure/return.

But really, "resting" John/Marlena gives them another option. "And a beloved character comes home..." as part of The Plan To Save Days X.

So I can imagine it being planned and temporary. I just have a hard time seeing them try this crap again, especially when people will start looking for entertainment comfort food without a lot of this kind of drama.
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