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Dec 8 2008, 08:43 PM
Dec 8 2008, 08:28 PM
Dec 8 2008, 08:18 PM
We thought the same thing with Martha Madison. She's still not back, and as more time goes by, it seems less and less likely that she will be.

If the financial situation at DAYS is really as grim as it's being made to seem, I don't think we'll be seeing J&M back.
I remember that. Corday said they were 'resting Belle and Shawn' and that was nearly a year ago.
He never said he was "resting" them. He said they were traveling the world like Bo and Hope and would return sometime in the future. With J&M, he said they were resting the characters for an "indefinite period of time." May not sound different but it is because he seems to be making the effort to assure they will be back and kept going on and on about how hard this was. He was different with Shelle. Shelle in no way come close to J&M. Plus, I still think he wanted Storms and Cook back. I think he did what he did because Phloe and Shloe had more chemistry then Shelle and he knew Storms and Cook had a fanbase and that their chemistry was a bit better so he axed Martha and Brandon but his plan did not work. Since Brandon was already off the market, he probably scrapped plans to bring them back I don't think for a minute the characters were meant to be off this long.

It's also funny that Martha has not been hired by anyone after all the praise she got, even from veteran actors of other shows. Hell, Peter Bergman praised her. The fact that she is still not working makes me wonder.
okay, I stand corrected, lol. Normally if someone had used the words that Ken Corday did about John and Marlena, I would take that as a hint they would be back. But since this is Ken C. we are talking about and a soap opera where you might as well not believe a word that is said until the show is cut and on screen, lol, I just can't speculate. I will eat crow if they come back in the spring/summer, lol. I've haven't been too disappointed int he past couple of years, because I've learned to not get excited about anything that is said about a character or storyline, because chances are that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. :)
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