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Dec 8 2008, 09:32 PM
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Dec 8 2008, 04:59 PM
I just think this is one of the "only on Days" exits where they will be gone for a few months at most and then will get some hyped up return for summer. It's a shame that it's gotten so routine but Corday and Days is so transparent and the pattern is there. Everything I've read and heard doesn't make this sound final. It sounds strategic but it doesn't sound permanent at all to me.
Here is another point to consider. These firings have crossed over to the mainstream media in a way that no Days firings have before. (The SSK story was covered in the media, but that was in terms of the story itself, and, to be honest, the fact that Marlena was the killer.) However, with these firings, there have been countless articles in the past few weeks in almost all of the respected media outlets, either discussing Drake and Deidre or discussing "soap budget cuts" and mentioning Drake and Deidre in combination with Susan Lucci's paycut and the other soaps' budget issues.

Now the question is, do you think that NBC as an organization would let one of Corday's little hoaxes go this far? I don't. If Corday were planning this as a hoax, then the higher-ups at NBC would undoubtedly know that, and I think they would have come up with a strategy to deal with it. That strategy would have no doubt involved the Days press office, who have I believe been silent. The fact that newspapers, magazines, nightly news shows and national entertainment programs have reported on this and that NBC has let that go unchecked should I think leave us with no doubt that this is true.
Yes, I do.

Look at how NBC is being run. Zucker is just as bad as Corday. NBC is in the toilet and they could care less what Days does as long as it makes a profit and stays within budget.

I think what King and D4L says is logical. Here is what I'm thinking. They axed them for three reasons. One, to let the budget breathe. Two, because they were having a hard time writing for them and wanted to give them a rest (and to perhaps see what would happen if they were gone in regards to numbers, etc but I think they have already experimented enough with that). Three, as a scare tactic to get others to take the cut and I think it worked because as soon as this happened AS, KA, PR, and JKJ all stayed on with at least 3 of them taking a cut. Once they showed anyone was expendable, they all got scared. Is it dirty? Yes. But maybe desperate times call for desperate measures. It would've never had to come to this if Corday hadn't been such a interfering, incompetent asshole.

Whatever the case, don't believe what fan club presidents say and certainly don't buy into the whole "the actors don't know about" thing, especially now. The way this show works, it has to be in the back of their minds that it's a possibility and the longer they both are silent, the more it makes me think they do know something. Corday did say they were resting them for an undetermined time and it's not like he said they are through. He didn't make it sound final at all and Corday may be stupid but he knows how popular they are. Even if he didn't, he knows now. I still think Drake knew more then he let on last year and that he simply put himself out there as feelers to other shows because he wasn't sure if the material at Days would be up to snuff. He was clearly pissed off about the way the show was writing for him from 2005 and on so his working into other work last year doesn't automatically mean nothing. Tom Casiello already stated that the show informed him at the time they were writing John's funeral that John was coming back so I don't believe for a second Drake didn't know until December, especially with word getting out there that he was looking into other shows or soaps. Even if he didn't know, the minute Corday heard that he would've called Drake because they knew what the plan was.

I could care less if they return at this point but I've already prepared myself for the fact that they will likely be back in some capacity by summer.
I always thought Drake was in on it, and that the entire thing was a publicity stunt. He even took acting lessons to act like "Jawn." So that pretty much sealed it for me.
Exactly. That was my thinking too.

Ellie, the budget has been an issue since the last renewal, hence all the cuts in 2006 and I think that is what led to the first J&M hiatus that year and Corday wanting to experiment with how the show would do without the big 4. I think now it's a bigger deal because of the 40% cut and I don't think the cut would've been that severe if NBC wasn't cutting everything and the economy wasn't so bad. Having said that, I feel the only reason Days was renewed was because NBC as a whole was in bad shape and they didn't have the time and means to find a viable replacement and Days did improve it's numbers somewhat.

The budget has been an issue for awhile though. It's just Days didn't do the best managing it most of the time and that, along with NBC's cuts and the economy, led to the massive cut we haven ow.
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