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As a J&M fan I am torn. Do I want to see J&M on screen, yes! However I dont want to see their characters get anymore screwed up and twisted around then they already are. I think if they were written out properly (I know, fat chance there lol) I would be okay with them not being on.

If this is all about cutting the budget then you fire them. But Corday, who wants to have his cake and eat it too says he is "resting them". Well then why not just bump them to recurring status and leave it at that? Because honestly that wouldn't be much different then what we have had of J&M the last past two years. Except then they wouldn't have the episode garuntees to worry about. Corday wants the J&M fans to linger around and watch hoping to get a J&M siting because he knows damn well that if a viewer is a fan of a certain couple or character, and that couple or character isn't on... their aren't going to watch!

Corday may like to gamble but he hasn't realized that he NEVER comes out the winner. That is why he always ends up scrambling and trying to save face!

In the end if J&M are leaving IMO I don't think they will be back, except maybe when the show ends for good. If Corday is lucky and they haven't found other work.
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