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I got the feeling that``John`` was dead for a couple weeks,before Drake was told he was coming back.... Corday wanted a ``real feel to the death and funeral scene``(so he says)...Drake has also said thet he did not know that he was comming back at the begining,but found out after a whilie(acording to the Daytime Confidental podcast about dobbel D getting fired,they guy who wrote Johns death and funeral.said that after John had been dead for 2 weeks,the fans was revolting(dont know what that word means)Corday panicked and told the writer that they had to bring John back..When they left for Australia,to do the talk show promoting Days.Drake said it was a sad sureal moment,the day they arrived in Australia,John Black got shot by EJ,back in USA his funeral was airing...Deidre stated that she did not know Drake was coming back,before she read the script about Crystal....and she was then very exited that Drake would come back,Deidre has said that she dos not like to know in advanced what ``Marlena`` is going to do,she liked to be suprised...when John died,she got 8 script to read...she stated to TV GUIDE in a interview that she was crying the whole time she was reading the script,cause Drake was leaving the show for good(what she thought at the time)...she had a real hard time saying goodbye to him...and was sad that the John and Marlena journy was over
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