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In order for Days to save money, D&D have to be fired or else the show is still under contract to pay them and have them in so many episodes per year.

Now Ken C may believe that because he fires everyone and they come back that D&D will too but he does not have a guarantee and I don't beleive he can hold the DH's for six months so they don't do other things.

Six months is too long to "rest" fan favs and expect their fans to either hang on or come back. When the experiment was done in 07, ratings went from 2.7 in January to 2.0 in May 2007. They tried to use J&M and B&H to read letters from June to September (in about 5 shows during the entire summer of 07) around Ejami v. Lumi with Touch the skies in the background only to get a resounding 1.9 by September.

All of you who keep saying it did not effect ratings I don't know what show you have been watching as that is a significant drop off and it coincided with J&M and B&H being bb'd. I think it is fine to say J&M leaving may not make ratings drop significantly now as we are still at 2.0 and many J&M fans already left over the last two years, however it is simply not truthful to say that backburning the top two couples on this show had no effect before because a .7 drop in five months is a significant effect!
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