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Dec 9 2008, 07:43 PM
Dena is an awful writer period!

I did not like Sheffer because he readily admitted that he did not understand or like J&M, along with the EJ rapist s/l, crazy Steve, and Touch the skies. He however have moments of good stuff. I loved Steve and Andre during the summer of 07. I loved the show from Johns Death until the Plane Crash in February 08.

Reilly was great during his first run. The second run was not as good but was not all bad either. I loved SSK right up until everyone was found alive, which I don't think was all Reilly's fault. Zacks death was sad but phenomenal drama. Peter and Kristian rocked their s/l and it was indeed written by Reilly.

I have not liked a single show or s/l that Dena has written. I liked the two weeks during the olympics which is rumored to have been written by Ed Scott so indeed that doesn't count. I hate or strongly despise most of the characters that she finds interesting and have showcased during her tenure including Chelsea, Daniel, Stephanie, Max, Morgan, Morgans father, whoever he was, Ava, Melanie, and Rafe. I am nearly through with Sami, EJ and Nicole as well as they are taking up all of the oxygen in the darn room.

Dena is awful!
She has been awful since the start!
She will remain awful!
Even after I leave on January 24. :blah:
:hail: :hail: :hail:
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