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In the new SOD, John Callahan discusses both his storyline and his experience so far on Days.

First, the story is discussed. Dr. Baker "takes a turn to the dark side" as he blackmails Nicole. Nicole asks him to lie to EJ and tell him that she is still pregnant. Dr. Baker discovers that EJ is wealthy, and he asks Nicole for $750,000 to keep quiet. However, John Callahan explains that Nicole really blackmailed Dr. Baker first, since she threatened to expose things from his past. Callahan is not sure if it's going to be "straight blackmail" or something more nuanced, but he says the writers are all talented and that he thinks "it's going to be one of the more active and fun and devious" stories on the show.

Callahan says he took the job "sight unseen", but he says that in this economy, "you find a job, you take the job", and he has worked with Gary Tomlin in previous shows. He says that since Days shoots on the same lot that Santa Barbara did, he feels like it's a "20-year high school reunion" when he looks around and sees familiar faces.

However, Callahan joined the show around the time Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall were fired, and he says he had been looking forward to "hanging out with my good buddy Drake", and that he and Drake used to play charity softball games together. Callahan says it was hard for him to greet Drake under these circumstances the first time he saw him on set, but "there's highs and lows" and he understands that this is a business.

When asked how long his stay in Salem will be, Callahan says that it's not good to plan too far in advance, but "It's more of a hired gun than necessarily the sheriff and we'll see how many bullets I got."
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