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Dec 10 2008, 06:56 AM
I'm just curious, J&M fans. What if they DO come back? How do you think you'll react? I can understand your not wanting them to come back because of poor storylines or pride or whatever (heck, I wish JKJ had taken his chances, but I can understand why he didn't), but do you honestly think you won't be happy if they do return? I'm kinda getting mixed signals here. What if the rumor holds true? And please don't give me answers about Corday's jackass-ery and "they won't come back. I hope they throw the offer in his face" stuff. I've read all that already.
I really want to know how you think you'll react if, 6 months down the road, they accept an offer to come back, recurring or contract. No, I'm not trying to be a jackass myself. I'm trying to understand. Would you be elated? Would you be totally disappointed in them? Or would you take a "wait and see" attitude about how they'll be written?

Take my question as you will, but as they asked Jesus in JC Superstar "I really wanna know". Thank you. :)
I'd be elated and want to see them. I'd worry about the writing, but I'd hope for the best. If I didn't care about seeing them, I would've stopped watching earlier this year.

Much as I've hated the writing this year (for all, not just J&M), I just flat out like seeing J&M together. There are a lot of scenes that I enjoyed thoroughly this year, just not in context of the story, John standing up for Marlena at Dimera's dinner party, the scenes with Ej and Sami living in the mansion with John and Marlena, John with Claire, Nicole and John watching Marlena with Trent (hated Marlena and Trent but loved Nicole and John). The hospital scenes were wonderful and promising. I've always loved Anna, and her scenes were so adorable. Tony, Stefano, old John, Kayla, and Steve all had great scenes with John and/or Marlena. I could actually list a lot more scenes that I did like but I'm getting off track.

So despite what I felt about lack of continuity, lack of real stories with resolution, lack of relationships (Bo, Hope, Steve, Kayla, John, and Marlena SHOULD be intereacting), lack of character building in general, and changing history, I still loved seeing J&M this year, more John this year because I thought they wrote Marlena pretty horribly the second half of the year. She was wonderful early as the widow with a mission.

Before they were fired, I was actually happy to see them with Brady, elated to see Marlena cheer noticeably, and was getting my hopes up yet again that they'd have some direction with the story, any direction.

Basically, I'm hopeless because I just enjoy watching them...

As far as D&D and Corday are concerned, that's between them. If D&D are happy with it, it won't bother me, though I'll still hate Corday for being a moron with his parent's show. There are so many good characters with rich history to tap on this show, and they miss the boat every time.

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