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Dec 10 2008, 06:49 AM
I'm just glad this topic turned back to James Scott, even though I still attest to the theory that EJ isn't the only character who has gone through multiple personality changes in the past few years. (I just have to laugh at how many people had to come in and "correct" ginababe and myself on our theory once certain other characters are mentioned. It's like a chain reaction!! :P BATTLE CRY!!!!! And it's especially funny when some have GRIPED about the personality changes of said character they're now defending.....whether story-line deliberate or not). ANYWAY.........back on topic..............(sorry for the sideline):
You know......I can see where he's totally frustrated. if nothing else, not knowing what your character's motivation is has and second guessing has got to be the pits. Does he love Sami? Does he love Nicole? Does he hate violence now? Does he hate violence now, but still has a stomach? Could be still use a belt? Will he use it on Brady? Will he use it on Rafe? Will he use it on Sami or Nicole? Hell, will he use it on himself??
I don't think it's whining or selfishness at all for a talented actor to just want some damn guidelines! That is the difference between an actor who wants to do a good job and has some respect for his craft and one who just goes in and reads the lines, although, we're getting to the point that the good actors just go in and read their lines because..........what else can they do?
Now, let's see if what Whitesell, Higley et al consider getting balls back is what James Scott considers getting balls back. If not, we might see a whole 'nother story come contract time..............
Ej used to be one of my favorite characters. I don't blame him for wanting some idea of where the story is going.

I've gone from liking Ej to being more frustrated at his wishy washyness. Same thing with Sami's emotional overdrive. Now I hate what they're doing to Nicole. I won't even get into characters like Chloe and Dan whose sole purpose seems to be musical partners. I honestly don't see how most of these actors have handled this. It's frustrating to watch and has to be frustrating to act out.

I try not to blame the actors because I know it's the writing, but it really has started making me thoroughly dislike many of the characters. What happened to stories where both characters were likeable and you rooted for them to get together because they had respect and genuine concern for each other's wellbeing? I don't blame JS at all for wanting some kind of direction. There is no way he should be chasing, begging any woman to love him or settling for any woman, whether it be Sami, Nicole, or whomever. It makes what once was a superbly smooth calculating interesting character a milksop. Go after them writers JS! Make them do their job!

As a side, I'd like to see Ej with Charlotte. After Nicole and Sami, he needs therapy.

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