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Sami and Rafe grow closer this week as she tends to his knife wound and he takes care of her after she falls possibly putting her pregnancy in danger.

"They have this changed relationship and are starting to appreciate each other," says Galen Gering (Rafe.)

Rafe returns to the safe house after his encounter with the killer and Sami wants to call the police. But Rafe does not allow her to use the phone for security reasons. He also thinks there could be a leak in the FBI thinking someone might be giving information to the killer.

In order to prepare to have his stab wound stitched up by Sami, Rafe gets himself drunk. While intoxicated he starts to ramble and blurt out how he feels about Sami getting herself involved with someone like EJ who doesn't deserve her. Sami is shocked Rafe is so into her personal business.

The next morning Rafe wakes up to find Sami watching him. She tells him about the things he said to her the night before. "Rafe feels like an idiot and apologizes," Gering says adding, "He said those things to her only because he does care about Sami - maybe more than he should."

Sami is touched by his words but is worried his identity has been compromised. Rafe asks her if she wants a new guard and Sami begs him not to leave. "Even though Rafe's concerned about being injured and not being able to protect Sami as well as he should, he agrees to stay."

Rafe calls Hilda and offers to take her Christmas shift guarding Sami. Sami overhears and is happy but her happiness is interrupted when she accidentally slips and falls. Rafe rushes to her and carries her to the couch. He calls a doctor and answers the doctor's questions about Sami's condition. The doctor tells Rafe everything is okay and the baby will be fine.

But Sami's fall prompts Rafe to reconsider resigning from his bodyguard post. "It's a realization that not only is he taking care of Sami, but also this unborn child," Gering shares. And he's also worried that his own injury could jeopardize his job of caring for Sami as well. "He's more of a liability than an asset."

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