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Viewing Single Post From: SOW: Dr. Dan and Chloe?

Dec 10 2008, 03:09 PM
So if Chloe hooks up with Dan, what is going to happen to Lucas? Poor guy just can't seem to find a woman who wants him as much as he wants her. It's a shame really.
Can't they bring on a Passions actress just for BD, like they did for AS?? Lucas is the one that really needs one.

Or if GG is gone after witless protection, does this mean Lumi has another chance? Hmm....

It is also funny that Chloe has been interested in Brady, Shawn, Phillip, Lucas and now Dr. Dan in the span of a year (has had sex with 3 of them), but the other girl is the slut. Guess it is not as much fun to call Chloe a slut.
the thing is luloe was wrong and forced from the start. they have done everything they can to erraise lumi and make fans get along the ejami train. it WON'T WORK. it's not just about the chemestry of the actors but the history of the character. and luloe had none. it was sudden thing out of the blue.
i do hope lumi has a chance. they have a uniqe solid history. even thouhg dana has done a big effort errasing them, it won't hit home with lumi fans as we know better.

i feel so sorry for chloe fans. she's been thrown under the buss just like sami.
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