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Dec 11 2008, 05:29 AM
Dec 9 2008, 07:42 PM
I donno. I don't want the evil EJ of late 2006-spring 2007, but I want him to be grey. Roger Thorpe grey. Doing bad, bad things, but nothing that isn't redeemable. Make him HUMAN. Soaps can't seem to do that anymore, though. They're either vile, soulless murderers or neutered, whitewashed pussies who revert back when the writers are bored, and so on.
I want him back to bad, not evil, and totally devoted to sAmi.
I honestly think any chance they've had with the majority of the viewers backing EJami again has been seriously damaged. They keep screwing it up with poor writing and poor direction and inconsistency about the feelings of the characters, and if they try to bring them back together, it'll be like the frequent recasting of Shelle to have Shelle just to have that couple................fewer and fewer people will care each time it happens.

Right now, based on boards, there seems to be little support for Sami. It's hard to root for a character to go back to a couple when you're tired of the character. Right now, I just want Sami to go to a cloistered convent.

I do realize there are still people who want EJami...I just think there are a lot more people now who are losing interest. If nothing else, they seem to want a break from Sami. I just don't think they can do it right. IF they go back to EJami, it will probably need to be after a long break from the Sami Shriek Show. Sami offscreen for a while, EJ alone, given time to re-develop the character and KEEP it a certain personality, and re-introduce Sami a little later. But, I also don't think the show has the luxury of time to redo it correctly.

Now, they still can try to salvage EJole somehow. I don't think they will, though, but it's not too late if they woke up. Give it another month or so of stupid decisions, and more people will start to quit caring about EJole, too. Frankly, I think if it weren't for the professionalism and dedication of the two actors involved overcoming this crap, EJole would have sunk as soon as Nicole bought that fake stomach. I realize for some, it has. But, I think AZ and JS's acting is still saving it and making it intriguing. I assume so. I need to watch and find out and FF the other shit. :D
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