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Dec 11 2008, 08:35 AM
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this story is so silly, and the big reason why they are both having these "feelings" (if you want to call it that) is because they are two people in such close proximity of the other.. of course they start to have "feelings". But IMO, it's just that and nothing more.
Well the same could be said of the time she lived with EJ..
Sami totally despised EJ and was forced to play house with him..This put her in a position of having to play nice and for the sake of the children they created a type of bond ..Many Ejami fans then decided that EJ's obsession with Sami was a prelude to love .. But even though I believe she softened towards him, I believe Sami has no real feelings of love for EJ, and whatever she does feel, she will not recognise it as love.
Sami has always been possesive, and selfish.. And even though she loaths EJ I can see her working to ensure he is never happy with anyone, especially after all he has taken from her.
I get that you like Safe and hate EJami... That's great, but you know what would be refreshing? That if for once, the current guy playing opposite Sami didn't fall for her and visa versa.. Now THAT would be refreshing!
I so agree. I keep thinking they're gonna change Salem to be a state where polygamy is allowed so Sami can marry every guy in town. It's getting old, particularly when she's such a shrew.

It's gotten to the point where I don't care who gets together. I'd just like one person to genuinely love and care for another so I can root for them. Even if they go thru 8 million miles of angst and human frailty to come together, I'd like to feel like they love and respect each other. I don't feel that way with Ej, Sami, or Nicole. I wish I did like Rafe, but I just can't stand the character.

For as long as I remember, I always watched a soap to root for true love. I haven't seen real love for any character in long time on Days, aside from the vets.

I agree with you completely :wave:
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