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Dec 11 2008, 09:40 PM
Dec 10 2008, 10:04 PM
Dec 10 2008, 02:30 PM
Dec 10 2008, 01:32 PM
this story is so silly, and the big reason why they are both having these "feelings" (if you want to call it that) is because they are two people in such close proximity of the other.. of course they start to have "feelings". But IMO, it's just that and nothing more.
Well the same could be said of the time she lived with EJ..
Sami totally despised EJ and was forced to play house with him..This put her in a position of having to play nice and for the sake of the children they created a type of bond ..Many Ejami fans then decided that EJ's obsession with Sami was a prelude to love .. But even though I believe she softened towards him, I believe Sami has no real feelings of love for EJ, and whatever she does feel, she will not recognise it as love.
Sami has always been possesive, and selfish.. And even though she loaths EJ I can see her working to ensure he is never happy with anyone, especially after all he has taken from her.
I get that you like Safe and hate EJami... That's great, but you know what would be refreshing? That if for once, the current guy playing opposite Sami didn't fall for her and visa versa.. Now THAT would be refreshing!
.. See ..
I dont "Hate" Ejami.. I just dont see what isnt there. Its never been there, and all the wishful thinking and rose colored glasses wont create it.

I Like James Scott.. But unlike many I see him for what he is. I was watching this show when he committed crime after crime, after crime..
Not even counting the Dec incident.
I like Stephano alot, but I like him for what he is, or was, or is suppossed to be.. I hate him as currently written.. Now he is little more then a designated babysitter..Where is the Phoenix Ive come to hate and love, Devious and dangerous and full of surprises ?? They have destroyed him. But I would never simply forget all that he has done and decide he is now a "Good Guy"
And I hate James Scott as this supposed "Violence hating, sweater wearing lawyer wimp" I mean who is he ??
He is NOT the dashing and devious EJ Wells that arrived in Salem.. And his british accent and towel wearing skills are not enough to make me forget everything he has done, His history is part of Days history..(Even if Dena Hackley chooses to rewrite or ignore history)
And too bad, cuz much of it I loved and found very exciting and even sexy in a dangerus sort of way.

But Sami has always despised him.. After she was "Forced" to live with him she still barely tolerated him with the exception of *1* night.. and that only lasted 5 minutes until Lucas appeared.

I ~GET~ that Ejami's love James Scott and that in their eyes he can do no wrong, and that the past does not exist because they dont want it to.. And that they somehow see this amazing ""Love"".. A love I might add that exists only in their dreams because Sami has NEVER admitted to such an emotion. I understand that because they see him him as some handsome romantic God..( something considering his past I frankly dont get) that in their minds any woman would have no choice but to love EJ especially since he looks so good in a towel..(I cant tell you how tired I am of hearing this) They use very weak examples based solely on opinion to prove her love, yet when confronted with logic or proof disputing their opinions or examples Its discounted and or ignored as irrelevant..And state simply that they KNOW Sami Loves him despite the fact that its never been uttered and no proof exists beyond speculation ignoring that she has denied it repeatedly..
They know it because .. well they know it.. they see it because .. they see it, therefore its fact...even though its really only wishful thinking or personal opinion.
Nicoles lie is unforgivable, and she is the Devil for decieving him even though her deception is based on love and fear.. But..
Sami's Lie will be forgiven and they will live happy ever after because of this supposed great love..
Because somehow her lie is what ?? less of a lie ?? .. Sorry I just dont see it that way at all.
Basically for some it does not matter what is true, or what Sami wants or feels, Or what other people see, or differing opinions .. all that matters is THEY want her to love him, therefore she MUST and DOES love him.

I will be fine regardless of what happens.. Im not really THAT invested in Sami or who she ends up with, What really bothers me most is the blinders that some Ejami's have on.. and the total disregard for History and truth.
I simply find the Rafe/Sami couple a refreshing change, They have chemistry and no negative baggage to prevent a future.. and a good solution to the fan wars.
I respect your opinion and you seem really passionate about it - I can't speak for everyone else just myself but soaps don't represent reality they are only entertainment for me. They are only characters to me and are subject to the whims of the writers. Characters change, storylines change - history to me is not as important as weaving a good story.

I understand that opinions defer and that's ok - I don't think there are wrong opinions just different ones. You may not beable to see why there is support for Ejami and those who support Ejami may not be able to see why there is support for lumi and so on and so forth. I personally can't see why those who hate EJAMI like EJOLE - apparently they see EJ as a rapist and even though they think this they think it's ok for EJ to have a relationship with Nicole....to me that makes little sense but that just me...

We don't know where the writer's will go with any of these relationship - my hope is that they tell the best story they can. But if you don't like it you don't have to watch.
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