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Thanks again to an anonymous source!

For the week of December 29th -- January 2nd:

---Nicole's newest plan: She wanted Baker to find her a baby. And she figured out how. She learned he is a baby broker and blackmailed him into finding her a baby. Meanwhile, EJ was planning to propose. Stefano told him to get a prenup, but EJ refused. Nicole returned to the mansion and eventually got a call from Baker; he'd found a baby who fulfilled all of her requirements, but she only had one hour to get to his clinic to meet the mother. Nicole raced out, but her car broke down. EJ worried when he couldn't find her; Brady showed up – for the cancelled New Year's Eve party – and when Baker called for Nicole, figured he knew where to find her. He got her to the clinic, but it was too late; the baby's mother had changed her mind. Nicole returned, set to tell EJ the truth. Until he proposed.

---Thankfully, the killer was foiled in his attempt to track Rafe using his cellphone. Sami continued to insist on seeing Sister Theresa again; Rafe continued to insist that she wouldn't. Sami was further upset that she was missing New Year's with her family. She and Rafe finally came to a mutual understanding, despite the fact that he knew she still wanted to leave her baby with Sister Theresa. He told Sami he was happy to be spending New Year's Eve with her.

---Chloe still couldn't get her mind off of Daniel. Chloe told relieved Daniel she didn't want him to be her doctor anymore. Kate found out and questioned Daniel, who told her it was Chloe's idea. Worried that her cancer might recur, Kate asked Lucas and Chloe to move up their wedding. They both agreed.

---But will Lucas and Chloe ever make it to the altar? Kate met up with Lucas to ring in the New Year at Chez Rouge. They expected Daniel and Chloe, but those two had run into each other on the pier. She had sprained her ankle and he was forced to carry her, while Lucas and Kate were worried about what had happened to their dates. Daniel and Chloe almost almost kissed, but his cell phone interrupted them. He took Chloe to the hospital, where they finally contacted Kate and Lucas. Daniel took Kate home, while Lucas took Chloe back to Chez Rouge to share a romantic New Year's Eve.

---Chloe warned Stephanie about Philip's romantic history. When he asked her to ring in the New Year with him at Chez Rouge, she happily accepted, and Melanie very unhappily overheard. She went to Chez Rouge, as well, and arranged for another patron to spill a drink on Stephanie. While Stephanie was cleaning up, Melanie whispered "Happy New Year" in Philip's ear. Stephanie returned in time to see this and thought the two were kissing. Philip swept her up in a passionate New Year's kiss, but did he mean it, or was he just trying to make a point with Melanie? Another, later kiss seemed to make the point that he meant it.

---Marlena was distraught that John had walked out on her on Christmas Eve. Meanwhile, he was frustrated with his lack of progress in therapy. Charlotte recommended hypnosis, then asked Marlena to join her for a ladies night at Chez Rouge for New Year's Eve. John overheard and unexpectedly joined them. Charlotte decided to leave, which upset John, which hurt Marlena's feelings. John apologized. Will Marlena accept?

**UPDATED 12/16**

CDN TV Guide spoilers

Nicole bonds with a pregnant teen; Brady and Philip disagree over how to handle Melanie.

Kate's grows concerned that she won't remain cancer-free; Marlena is upset over John walking out on her on Christmas Eve; Stefano warns EJ that life with Nicole may not be all it's cracked up to be.

Kate questions Daniel about his decision not to be Chloe's doctor; EJ plans to surprise Nicole with a proposal.


Daniel and Chloe's intimate moment is interrupted by Daniel's cellphone; Sami is upset that she is not celebrating New Year's with her family.

**UPDATED 12/17**

Daily Spoilers

Monday, December 29th
Nicole bonds with a pregnant teen and goes to the clinic, demanding a baby; the killer tries to trace Rafe's cell phone; Melanie becomes angry at Philip, runs into Julie, and overhears a conversation; Stephanie has an unsettling chat with Chloe.

Tuesday, December 30th
Kate learns that Daniel is no longer Chloe's doctor; Charlotte recommends putting John under hypnosis; John overhears a conversation between Charlotte and Marlena; Stefano warns EJ against Nicole; Nicole blasts Dr. Baker.

Wednesday, December 31st
Kate questions Daniel; Nicole tells Chloe not to tell Lucas the truth; Chloe runs into Daniel; John joins Marlena and Charlotte; Max and Chelsea kiss; Melanie arranges for some time alone with Philip; an emergency may cause Nicole to miss an opportunity.

Thursday, January 1st

Friday, January 2nd
Brady goes in search of missing Nicole; Philip kisses Stephanie, angering Melanie; Daniel takes Chloe to the hospital; Rafe lets Sami know that he is aware of her plans for her baby.

**UPDATED 12/24**

Daytime Dial spoilers


* Philip asks Stephanie to ring in the New Year with him.

* Rafe tells Sami he’s happy to spend the holiday with her.

* Chloe warns Brady to steer clear of Nicole.

* Kate urges Lucas to move up her wedding date.

* Max and Chelsea share a New Year’s kiss at midnight.

Thursday – Pre-Empted

Friday – EJ proposes to Nicole.


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