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Dec 12 2008, 05:51 PM
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I so hate this show!
How can you not?

Seriously, these sound terrible, especially the J&M ones, where Marlena has to deal with yet another of John's women. THEY'RE LEAVING THREE WEEKS AFTER THIS. NOW IS NOT A GOOD TIME TO HAVE A TRIANGLE STORYLINE. Just needed to get that out. Aaargh.
I really don't think they'll go with a triangle at this late date, Ellie. So far, Charlotte has been nothing but professional and she has attempted to befriend Marlena. I think she'll be key in unlocking John's memories (via hypnosis or a combination of things) and Jarlena will at least exit the show ~ reunited ~ to continue his treatment in Zurich or some such place.
Thanks, but even if nothing romantic develops between John and Dr. Taylor, John seems to be favoring her over Marlena in these spoilers, and Marlena is upset by that. Marlena was jealous of her on yesterday's show. She's a third party and an intruder into J&M's relationship, even just from Marlena's perspective.

Also, it would be a real blow to fans to have a new blonde doctor who just arrived in Salem be the one to hypnotize John and unlock his memories. That's always been Marlena's job, and it's always brought J&M closer together. Why introduce a new character to do that at this point in the story? It seems to me like a slap in the face.
And to add insult to injury you have a repeat of a hit J&M s/l from 96 Marlena/John/Kristen playing parallel with Nicole/Sami/Ej with the baby switch going on. Theives! Robbers! Crooks! Untalented Buffoons!
Can you tell I am pissed! :flipoff:

We have had absolutely 0 substance to the J&M story since March 2008 when they returned from Ireland.
John has been a supreme a-hole with bad hair for 9 months.
We already had one triangle!
Marlena turned into a wishy-washy indecisive pod person that I hardly recognized up until August.

They have been onscreen about 6 times in the last three months.
They have approximately 6 weeks before they disapppear into the ether that is the Days graveyard and Dena cannot give us a little that is relevant to their 23 year history? John has only ever needed Doc! Not some blonde twit who shows up for her dead father's appointments!

I just need to repeat louder this time:

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