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Dec 12 2008, 06:24 PM
And to add insult to injury you have a repeat of a hit J&M s/l from 96 Marlena/John/Kristen playing parallel with Nicole/Sami/Ej with the baby switch going on. Theives! Robbers! Crooks! Untalented Buffoons!
Can you tell I am pissed! :flipoff:

We have had absolutely 0 substance to the J&M story since March 2008 when they returned from Ireland.
John has been a supreme a-hole with bad hair for 9 months.
We already had one triangle!
Marlena turned into a wishy-washy indecisive pod person that I hardly recognized up until August.

They have been onscreen about 6 times in the last three months.
They have approximately 6 weeks before they disapppear into the ether that is the Days graveyard and Dena cannot give us a little that is relevant to their 23 year history? John has only ever needed Doc! Not some blonde twit who shows up for her dead father's appointments!

I just need to repeat louder this time:

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