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My love for Ejami has dimmed a little, but it's still there. One of the biggest reasons I loved them is because they were different. They weren't the 'next (insert supercouple here)' and I no clue where the storyline was headed. I had my hopes and my theories but I didn't KNOW. It was fun to be in the dark. I had to rush home so I could actually watch to see what was going to happen.

Now, I know what's gonna happen long before it happens. I'm watching Elvis Wells DiMera turn into Austin Reed, and that's not a good thing. Sami's reverted to always whining all the time.

And it's not just Ejami, it's everything. Phil and Stephanie? :sleep2: Know where it's going and who's gonna be the bump. Poor old Lucas and Chloe? :sleep2: Know where it's going. Sami and Rafe? :sleep2: Pretty sure where it might go. Steve and Kayla? They'll probably be around to give dating advice. :sleep2: EJ is gonna be played for a fool by both Nicole and Sami. :sleep2:
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