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Dec 11 2008, 07:01 AM
Now, they still can try to salvage EJole somehow. I don't think they will, though, but it's not too late if they woke up. Give it another month or so of stupid decisions, and more people will start to quit caring about EJole, too. Frankly, I think if it weren't for the professionalism and dedication of the two actors involved overcoming this crap, EJole would have sunk as soon as Nicole bought that fake stomach. I realize for some, it has. But, I think AZ and JS's acting is still saving it and making it intriguing. I assume so. I need to watch and find out and FF the other shit. :D
Yup. the writing is shit, but the attraction to Ejole for me is 1) the actors' chemistry and their exceptional talent and 2) I know how amazing they could be together if the tptb could write them as the powerful, dangerous, and sexy characters/couple that I want to see.
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