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Dec 14 2008, 09:29 AM
Dec 13 2008, 09:32 PM
It's not Chloe I have a problem with, it's Daniel. He's flipped over no less than three women since he slithered into Salem. All of them his patients, or patient related.

This guy needs to get out of the medical profession pronto. Talk about unprofessional. He's a lawsuit waiting to happen.
This is so true. When he was feeling Chloe's lymph nodes he got a very sick look on his face like there was a snake trying to get out of his pants. It looked like a combination of lust and urgent diarreah. (sp) Getting all hot while examining a patient is sick. He completely grosses me out. Higley grosses me out because these ideas come from her sick brain.
There isn't a single storyline to enjoy, and even in the leanest of times there was always one for me that was mildly amusing. Everything she does is stupid. Everything.
It's rather disturbing if the people writing and filming felt this was hot. It was disturbing, and not in a 'make you wanna watch' way. It was more like 'never want to see him again ever' way. Even now it completely turns my stomach to see him.
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