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Dec 13 2008, 09:32 PM
It's not Chloe I have a problem with, it's Daniel. He's flipped over no less than three women since he slithered into Salem. All of them his patients, or patient related.

This guy needs to get out of the medical profession pronto. Talk about unprofessional. He's a lawsuit waiting to happen.
Me too.

I honestly don't mind the story. It's a classic soap story. Is it sleazy? Sure but soaps have done stories like that before. I just hate how the Kate illness story got completely rushed to an end this week for it. That bugs me and I still think that means at least one person from this quad is being axed since it seemed to change gears around the same time as the J&M stuff.

I think the Daniel character ruins it. However, blaming Dena for it completely is a bit unfair IMO. I know Chan was hated (I hated them too) but that was her direction when she came on. They seemed to end when Ed interfered and Daniel got tossed Kate's way and I think when Dena got back the reigns with Whitesell and Tomlin they were going to stick with Daniel and Kate but having to keep Nadia and Bryan (who seemed all but fired) meant they had to find something for them so they went with this. Alot of the misdirection and flipping around was because of the interference, something many continuously leave out, mostly because they hate Higley and feel it was justified. It's not an excuse. He screwed up her plans and while ending Chan was one thing good that came out of it, it also did alot of bad in that it left the show looking awful in how many different pairings it's tried this year because of all the changes in direction as a result of the behind the scenes mess. Now, with the cast cuts, there is more changes. The show needs stability and soon. Hopefully it will get that.

I just hope if Daniel sticks around they focus on making the character tolerable in having him perhaps resign from the profession or take a sabbatical to get himself figured out because the guy is a walking disaster right now.
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