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^That can't be why. If anything, I can see Dr. Taylor taking Marlena's place. I've noticed how they have her seemingly taking on her role. She's forced her way into the hospital right next to her office. They are sharing a reception area. It almost seems like forcing one out to put the new, cheaper version in there. Not saying I'm right but I've seem little hints of this. It reminds me (and I mention this because it came off in conversation last week in another thread) of Home Improvement when JTT left., He came back for the Christmas episode for a cameo and the whole episode was nothing but a jab at him. Everyone had moved on, characters were ignoring him, and it just reeked of "your leaving, life goes on." I just get this sense from what I've been seeing.

In terms of Callahan, I think he is just recurring or maybe short-term at most. Nothing that has happened has suggested otherwise IMO.
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