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Dec 14 2008, 05:42 PM
It's actually less expensive to keep him on recurring and pay him per show, as opposed to guaranteeing him a certain number of episodes every week, and then having to pay him even if they don't use him. That's why so many front-burner characters on soaps these days are non-contract.
I donīt think so. First, nobody knows whatīs inside his contract. He is not exactly a star and even admitted himself he is happy to even have a job, so he probably has just a standart newbie-like contract with a minimum guarantee and six week cycle.

And the day player are paid more for a shooting day than newbie contract players, itīs even a part of the union rules. Besides this is nothing new. Or Iīm the only one who remembers all the "contract players" Sheffer add to the show during the Shelle island story only to be unrecemoniously fired as soon as the story ended? There is really nothing to worry about, itīs just a financial precaution.

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