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Dec 14 2008, 06:01 PM
Donīt understand. The show needs a OBGyn for Nicol, someone who will get along with her game till she "delivers". Itīs not a few days appearance and they need to be sure the actor will be available whenever needed so they gave him a longer deal. IMO itīs a normal production decision any producer has to make every day and itīs no way connected with the decision to let go BB or DH/DDH.
What Dena Higley has done is built a story which involves Nicole and her OB blackmailing each other. Higley was apparently not bothered by the fact that the OB was not on the show; she probably figured she'd simply cast a new one. As Ponz pointed out, Higley relies on new characters to play important roles in many of her stories. In my mind, this contrasts sharply with the approach taken by let's say JER, who built stories using the current cast as the principal characters. Who did Kristen get to keep quiet? Vivian and Ivan, who were already on the show. The story made a difference in the lives of their characters and served to change the lives of most of the characters on the canvas. Higley's little "events" do none of that, and in addition they are a budget drain on the show because of all the casting needed. This news about John Callahan is a perfect illustration of how in many ways, Higley is ruining the show.
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