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Yes Days, go on and sign this...person....whoever he is and get rid of the people who are most associated with Days! See if saving money in signing people that fans don't know or care about will save this show.

People watch soaps for fantasy, good story-telling, and yes continuity of characters you think you know. You can introduce new people into the mix, but what gets fans interested in those new characters are their interactions with old characters we care about. The interactions however have to be important. Dr. Dan has been an absolute sleazefest since his introduction. Melanie is simply....annoying...go away already. Dr. Charlotte is a Marlena-wanna-be...get real. You can't jyst throw goodlooking people on screenand think you viewrs are simoly mindless days fans. They have preferences and opinions that don't go with the line TPTB line "we will do what we want and they will simply watch it.This is a pattern that is not working. Somebody should get a clue. :soapbox:
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