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Dec 14 2008, 03:45 PM
Dec 14 2008, 02:13 PM
Thaoo is filming alot right now but LeAnn is not at all. We will seeing Tony a fair amount in the next few weeks. It's actually making me wish they just kill Anna off. I love her and I realize Tanna has fans but it would create huge story for Tony and maybe turn him a bit toward the dark side. They could have him conflicted over that. Either that or just break them up or something. I think they want to use Tony but Anna sort of holds them back. It's just the sense I get for some reason. I do feel bad for both of them though.
I bet it's just that Thaao's below his guarantee or something. I wish they'd put Leann on contract (and not kill off her character!) - but my fear is that after this next group of Tony scenes, we won't be seeing much of either of them.
I'm getting a different impression. I think this is the start of Tony v EJ, and/or Stefano. That's more interesting to me than the EJ babies.
I agree. I've heard hints of that picking up but be careful because with all the cuts and the way Days is, things can change gears and fall out of place. That is what happened in the Fall and what derailed the story the first time.
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