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Dec 14 2008, 10:46 PM
Dec 14 2008, 09:52 PM
Thanks OBK .... Hilda takes one for Sami I see ... perhaps they will fake Sami's death...say that Sami was the one killed! It would buy them some time and we could see how Salem will react to the death of Sami!!! plus that could prompt Marlena and John's exit!
interesting CJNick!! and the reunion between Sami and EJ.. can you imagine?
Faking Sami's death would take this story in a totally different direction and would be a twist that no one saw coming. No one knows that Sami is alive except Rafe and some really trusted FBI agents ... Hilda absense could be explained away ... Sami could be reported dead by the FBI - Hilda's body could be buried with Sami's marker. Everyone could believe that Sami is dead and buried ... Lucas and Chloe could come clean and tell EJ that not only did Sami die so did their Baby! EJ could go in full out revenge mode and go after the killer ... Sami could be safely tuck away not to resurface until after AS maternity leave and then we have the reunion ....
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