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Dec 14 2008, 11:03 PM
Dec 14 2008, 10:39 PM
What about Dr. Dan?
Chloe and Dr. Dan have a one night stand that Nicole spies on, then she asks him to keep quiet with the fake baby or she will tell Lucas/Kate about the affair and it will kill Kate, so Dr. Dan keeps her secret.

That way, it not only affects Nicole/EJ, but also Kate/Lucas/Dr.Dan and Chloe...and even Brady might be pissed enough at Chloe for stringing Lucas along while screwing Dr. Dan that he might not even mind the blackmail.

Then after the fall out when all is revealed in a big sweeping moment, Nicole comes back to apologize to Dr. Dan because she was so mental about losing the baby, and they have a relationship as the two defeated loners.

And we don't need a new character that we could give a crap about.
That could still happen.

Who knows. I mean, the Doctor may just be one part of this. It seems Tony gets involved in Nicole's scheme too somehow so this may end up bigger yet. Once the show figures out who will be here in 3 months, they can move people into and out of stories appropriately. The unstable environment does not help the stories, which is why during regime changes or cuts things seem to be in limbo for the most part..
What is there excuse for John and Marlena? They knew they were getting rid of them months ago. They could finally write that love story, but instead they are on 1 day a week and most of their story is happening off screen. Are they just trying to really stick it to John and Marlena fans one more time. I don't really get it. I hear fans getting tired of the hold pattern and the same thing over and over. They could have given J&M at least 2 days and actually told a story. I don't think at this point it would have mattered to the TPTB one way or the other, but it could have made a few fans happy enough to stick around (maybe not me, lol, but others). You know one story where two characters are up front with each other, not playing games or jealous and there is emotion and history and a little romance.
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