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Dec 14 2008, 09:50 PM
I hate this pairing.

Both characters are all body, no substance. He's a pretty face with no purpose and so is she. It turns my stomach the way they've both bulldozed their way through Salem this year, jumping from person to person to person. It's enough to give me whiplash!

That said, I also hate Daniel and Kate. In fact, I hate the writing for Kate in general -- I want the real Kate back! Daniel makes me queasy and uncomfortable no matter who he's paired with.

Lucas and Chloe suck, as well. There's absolutely no reason that they should be together, aside from the fact that he has a penis and she has a hole to fill. There's no substance and no purpose to this pairing.

I'm really starting to believe that Higley just throws all the characters names into a basket and then chooses the weekly pairings by random draw. There's no other explanation for this craziness!
True, Daniel has been on the show less than a year, so he doesn't have much history with the show. But I can't agree that Chloe is just a pretty face with no purpose. She has history with the show, she has a backstory that could be mined for years, and is a character that isn't related to the Bradys or the Hortons. The Lucas and Chloe story is pointless, but even that disasterous coupling could work storywise down the road. The character of Chloe has a place on the show, but they certainly aren't making it appear that way.
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