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Viewing Single Post From: Article on Deidre and Drake's departure

Dec 9 2008, 12:35 PM
Thank you for saying what I was trying to say so badly yesterday, Ellie. Some folks are talking as if this is a done deal and Drake and Dee have agreed to be "fired" for a few months and then come back. If that were the case, then I don't see why they wouldn't just say so?
It's called PUBLICITY.

There are so many factors at play, it's hard to really sort through them all.

First, ratings are down ALL OVER. In daytime, in primetime, in latenight.

Second, the ratings system is a mess. This isn;t 1962 or 1982 or even 2002. Very few viewers of non-sports eents actually watch their programs when they are actually aired. DVR usage has skyrocketed. I haven't seen any reports on DVR usage for daytime, but many primetime programs easily add 10-15% MORE viewers. And, contrary to what advertisers once thought, it's been found that DVR viewers watch MORE commercials than "live" viewers, therefore making DVR viewership much more valuable than routine scheduled-time viewership.

Three, NBC is in disaster mode. They are retooling left and right. Rumor has it that they will take a pass on future Olympics (unless held in the USA) because it costs too much. NBC just slashed 30% of its primetime cost by moving Jay Leno into Primetime with a cheap-to-produce progam (less than $2M a week).

Four, stars cost $$$$. If the DH's were making $1-2M a year EACH, that is a hefty cost for a show that now is supposed to be spending less than $1M a week to produce. Newbies get paid squat per the current AFTRA contract. Sure, we could fire Melanie. That would probably buy about one episode annually for Dee.

Five, any publicity is good publicity. Fire the stars, make the fans irate, and get covered on ET and Access Hollywood and every local news program for the first time in a decade. The DH "firings" were covered on NPR, for goodness sake. If you get folks talking about you, they will seek you out and tune in.

Six, the economy is in the tank and ad dollars are drying up. For the first time in history, we had two consecutive quarters of DECLINING media/advertising revenues. Local stations in some parts of the country are already unable to fill ad space. Get ready to see lots of PSAa and "call now to receive your TimeLife" infomercials.

Seven, the DH's are up there in years. If smart, they planned well. After all, Drake does live in a Malibu Estate and Dee pays alimony to her ex-. They may be upset about how this all went down, or they may feigning "upset" to play along. After all, this is the same crop of folks who sent a "fired" Drake to Australia last year to promote the show. There isn't much work for actors in Hollywood -- isn't actor unemployment something like 90%? And sixty-somethings aren't exactly in demand for "star" roles.

Eight, "stunt-casting" is here to stay. I remember how psyched I ws when I heard that Shirley Jones would be joining DOOL. Of course, few mentioned that she signed for a whopping SIX episodes. What a letdown, but merely a barometer of what is to come. We will see plenty of folks pop up fr limited runs. And legacy DOOL characters now fall into that category.

Ultimately, there are plenty of factors, most of which are driven by the current economic environment. If this were the 1980s and soaps were spending like drunken sailors, with location shoots and lavish sets and somewhat ridiculously high-priced "talent", then we could be pi$$ed. But its twnety-five years later and if the daytime drama plans to see another 25 years, major major major changes are needed.
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