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Dec 15 2008, 01:21 AM
People are getting too obsessed with the contract statuses of actors on these shows. Why's so and so not on contract, why's this person, bla bla bla.

The money being spent on Callahan doesnt compare to what was spent on Hall and Hogestyn, and as has been mentioned several times is just a business decision to protect the show during a short term role to keep them from having to recast or abreviate their story should the actor leave. Its something done in primetime when an actor's signed to a deal for a set number of episodes, as well as all the other soaps.

I don't care about Callahan's contract status or his earnings relative to D&D. That debate was just a catalyst to discuss Higley's creative approach to principal vs. non principal characters.

Why should Kayla or Dan be doing something out of character like blackmailing Nicole with a baby scam, just cause their actors already have contracts?! That makes absolutely no sense, even considering this is Days and Dena Higley.

Who said anything about Kayla "blackmailing" Nicole? Doctors, lawyers etc. are confronted with this dillemma on a regular basis. If any Kayla fans think the story would be wildly out of character, I'd like to hear from them.

In any event, the claim that Dr. Baker's role can only be filled by a non-principal character would be easier to swallow if Higley didn't display the same trait throughout her stories (e.g. why use Dr. Taylor for a role that Marlena could easily perform?). It's one thing for writers to employ short-term characters out of necessity but Higley clearly enjoys flooding the canvas with them.
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