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Dec 14 2008, 11:41 PM
Dec 14 2008, 04:12 PM
I am new here, but i do remember reading that KC was still paying Jim Reilly's estate millions of dollars and would be into the early part of 2009 and then maybe he would have some money freed up to bring someone back or do whatever else he wants to do. I just know when J/M are done, i am done. PS. Hello to everyone and i hope i can get back more often. Have enjoyed everyone's comments.
I'm kinda of getting the impression that Deidre and Drake were let go, because they were the only vets with a storyline (although they've kind of abandoned it now). Bo and Hope are always on, and they could write them a story, but they haven't, and they don't use S&K. I don't think Days wants the vets on the frontburner period.
I've been thinking the same way.

I think the NBC direction is cheap because they've dug themselves in a hole. If they don't want to invest in night time storytelling, why would they want to support it in daytime? If sleaze sells cheaper, they are gonna go with it. Times change. My question would be will the advertisers be ok with the demographics changes in the ratings.

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