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^ I am not disagreeing that new blood is needed, and I'm sorry if I'm not explaining myself correctly. What I'm saying is that Higley's approach seems to be to flood the canvas with new characters and ignore the current ones. New characters should be introduced slowly and only one or two at a time. If the characters catch on with viewers (as Marlena did right away!), then that's a plus for the show. Tim, I disagree that Higley's new characters have caught on. I understand you might like them, but it seems that most don't. The only new (returnee) character of Higleys who I feel has made a positive impact on the show is Nicole. Other than that, I think Higley's approach to new characters is part of what's killing the show. Sandra Robinson and John Callahan are symptoms of this problem, and that's what many of us are trying to explain in these threads.
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