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Dec 15 2008, 01:12 PM
^ I am not disagreeing that new blood is needed, and I'm sorry if I'm not explaining myself correctly. What I'm saying is that Higley's approach seems to be to flood the canvas with new characters and ignore the current ones. New characters should be introduced slowly and only one or two at a time. If the characters catch on with viewers (as Marlena did right away!), then that's a plus for the show. Tim, I disagree that Higley's new characters have caught on. I understand you might like them, but it seems that most don't. The only new (returnee) character of Higleys who I feel has made a positive impact on the show is Nicole. Other than that, I think Higley's approach to new characters is part of what's killing the show. Sandra Robinson and John Callahan are symptoms of this problem, and that's what many of us are trying to explain in these threads.
I disagree. Alot of people liked Ava. Alot of people like Melanie. As I said, Dr, Taylor is actually liked, maybe because of the actress. Daniel actually has his fans. Just look around on the net. Hell, I've even asked people in my life who I know watched the show. I think many are prohecting their anger about the cuts on to the new characters. This happened in 2007 too. Days was doing this same thing with characters like Duck and Gabby after cutting Lexie, Austin, Carrie, etc and people did the same thing. I feel bad for these actors because they have to put up with it and they probably won't even be sticking around so they are getting blasted for nothing.

It's just that I like them either. I don't like them all. Could care less about Daniel or Dr. Baker but, you know what, I also couldn't have cared less about Bo, Hope, etc when they first came on too. The show eventually made me care about them. Then again, that was in an era where people gave things a chance.

I also want to say, too, that it is not Dena's choice to focus away from the current characters. She's just as livid about J&M leaving as the fans. Hell, just look on the surface, when did we stop getting vets onscreen consistently? October. Whose work began around that time? Gary Tomlin.

Higley is not absolved but the shift in direction all came when he joined. I wish some would realize that. Even if you hate Higley, it can't be denied she used the vets in her first run and for most of this run, even through all the backstage shit, until Tomlin started.
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