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Dec 15 2008, 01:00 PM
Dec 15 2008, 12:46 PM
Well, no matter who the writer, that's often how new characters start. After all, wasn't Marlena brought in for Mickey?
Can't remember but you made a good point.

If fans acted like this, we wouldn't have Marlena. We wouldn't have Roman and, therefore, the Brady's. Marlena was a just a mere psychiatrist then. Roman was just a cop protecting Marlena (hmm...sound familiar...hello Rafe). Characters have to start somewhere and new blood is needed because some of the characters are beyond tired story-wise and that isn't just because of the writing either. New characters are needed to mix things up. Higley has actually brought in some good ones but they have left, some because of her and on their own volition or because of backstage BS. It's not like most of them are still left. We only have Daniel, Rafe, and Melanie left really. Brady is an established character. Any other new characters like Charlotte and Dr. Baker aren't really character that seem to have legs yet but they may at some point so I don't lump them in just yet.
I wouldn't assume Higley wants these characters to catch on. Look at how she's screwed over/ignored the two pairings (Lumi/Kaman) she created in '03. The woman doesn't invest in any story, character or couple on a long-term basis. She's addicted to short-term gimmicks, "events" and general randomness.
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