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Dec 15 2008, 04:43 PM
Dec 15 2008, 04:24 PM
Dec 15 2008, 04:15 PM
Well Mr. Dan is on the horizon and with the way that Higley views this character, I doubt he will be the last on the list.
Bingo. She's been back, what, a year? And she's already harboring 2, going on three, men. Plus, who knows what they'll write about her and Brady later? And she wasn't in a real relationship with Philip (friends with benefits, after all) or Lucas when she, er, entertained them. Actually, I'm not even sure her divorce from Brady was final when she started her 'friendship' up with Philip again, was it? Or, maybe that's how she drowned her sorrows. I just get this feeling Dena wants to make Chloe a liberated woman. :D

I've seen in other places where Stephanie is called a slut or worse because of her being around Philip. Well, first of all, slut is a terribly overused word, much like bitch. It loses its meaning and sense of shock after a while. Second of all, the two men Stephanie slept with (unless you count Ford, and counting Ford as a lover when he raped or almost raped her would be very wrong)-Jeremy and Max-were her steady relationships.

So, in comparing Stephanie's sluthood with Chloe's.......I don't think either one of them should be called a slut, but if anyone should, Chloe has it all over Stephanie in that department. But, I think using that term for either one of them is rather old.
Even if Chloe does sleep with Daniel, that would be three men in one year. So what? Hell, if she is using protection, more power to her lol
I'm trying to figure out if you got my point. LOL
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