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My problem with Chloe isn't how many men she's sleeping with... it's who and when she happens to be sleeping with them. Chloe almost slept with Philip in a tent while she was still married to Brady, she then divorced Brady and soon after started sleeping with Philip, then soon after started sleeping with Lucas, kissed Philip, now she's in love with Lucas and about to marry him, yet can't fight her attraction to her about-to-be-mother-in-law's lover, Daniel. It's annoying, and it's sick. I don't believe there's ANY substance in ANY of her relationships because of the way she moves on and falls in love at the drop of a hat. What makes Chloe slutty isn't the sex, it's her actions that lead-up to and follow the sex.

While I've never liked or disliked Chloe, I've certainly never hated her as much as I do now. The writing for her is painful.
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