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Well, no matter who the writer, that's often how new characters start. After all, wasn't Marlena brought in for Mickey?
Can't remember but you made a good point.

If fans acted like this, we wouldn't have Marlena. We wouldn't have Roman and, therefore, the Brady's. Marlena was a just a mere psychiatrist then. Roman was just a cop protecting Marlena (hmm...sound familiar...hello Rafe). Characters have to start somewhere and new blood is needed because some of the characters are beyond tired story-wise and that isn't just because of the writing either. New characters are needed to mix things up. Higley has actually brought in some good ones but they have left, some because of her and on their own volition or because of backstage BS. It's not like most of them are still left. We only have Daniel, Rafe, and Melanie left really. Brady is an established character. Any other new characters like Charlotte and Dr. Baker aren't really character that seem to have legs yet but they may at some point so I don't lump them in just yet.
I wouldn't assume Higley wants these characters to catch on. Look at how she's screwed over/ignored the two pairings (Lumi/Kaman) she created in '03. The woman doesn't invest in any story, character or couple on a long-term basis. She's addicted to short-term gimmicks, "events" and general randomness.
That isn't her fault.

Alot of the randomness was because of the Ed Scott debacle. Look at the direction the show was going in around May. We had Sami caught between Lucas and EJ. Philip and Chloe were an item and perhaps there was going to be a triangle with Morgan. Ava was involved with Steve and Kayla and then BOOM! Ava gets lumped in with J&M. Lucas and Chloe come out of nowhere. Sami is all over the place. That was not Higley and, when Ed left, she had to go with new plans because her old ones were trashed. Those plans were not all put into play either because of Tomlin and Whitesell.

Not saying Higley is blameless in terms of the writing but the stories and direction have taken a hit because of all the other BS. As for Kaman. she actually showed signs of going there during the strike last winter but that got dropped too. Just think back to her first run. Maybe she brought in alot of new characters like Vin, Maya, etc but she never did random pairings like this and the show never lacked direction like this. Not at all.

The thing is, Tim, people seem to have a hard time grasping the WHOLE picture of what probably went on. It's like the president getting blamed for a lot of stuff, when people forget that the president can't do much without the backing of Congress and the Supreme Court. It's a team effort. And the Ed Scott/Higley power struggle was something really nasty. It's easier to blame one entity, or blame the replacements.
I agree with all yours posts, including this one.

People get blinded because their faces are involved but those that just watch the show as general fans are better able to see the whole picture. They can recognize the things we are talking about.

I'm not saying not to bash Higley but bash the others too. It's a team effort and, while Higley is not responsible for everything that has gone wrong, she does take some of the blame. I just want people to place the blame accordingly and to acknowledge the situation as a whole. It's not as easy as Higley being the anti-christ. She's had to put up with alot of unnecessary BS this year. Does that mean the show still wouldn't have been great? No. It's just acknowledging the fact that she isn't the only one to place the blame on and it's pointing out the fact that there were other circumstances involved then Higley merely destroying the show left and right. I just feel like just because people hated her already when she returned that it's not a reason to justify blaming her for everything. She's not the sole reason the show is not pleasing more fans. There is alot more to it then that.
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