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Dec 15 2008, 05:13 PM
My problem with Chloe isn't how many men she's sleeping with... it's who and when she happens to be sleeping with them. Chloe almost slept with Philip in a tent while she was still married to Brady, she then divorced Brady and soon after started sleeping with Philip, then soon after started sleeping with Lucas, kissed Philip, now she's in love with Lucas and about to marry him, yet can't fight her attraction to her about-to-be-mother-in-law's lover, Daniel. It's annoying, and it's sick. I don't believe there's ANY substance in ANY of her relationships because of the way she moves on and falls in love at the drop of a hat. What makes Chloe slutty isn't the sex, it's her actions that lead-up to and follow the sex.

While I've never liked or disliked Chloe, I've certainly never hated her as much as I do now. The writing for her is painful.
I don't think being attracted to Daniel make her a slut, even if she sleep with him. When she got involved with Lucas she was hurting about Philipís interest to Morgan, so that makes him her rebound guy. About Daniel, well Kate should know better if he did that to her own granddaughter who he claimed she was his future he will do that to her. It is not like Kate is a saint, hell comparing to Chloe Kate is a pro and she is not married to Daniel so he should be a fair game or Chloe made an adult decision about it.(that was Kateís word to Chelsea). I guess what goes around comes around; it does matter to me if Chloe and Daniel get together, but I canít wait to see how Kate will react to it.
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