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Dec 15 2008, 06:29 PM
Dec 15 2008, 06:00 PM
I understand that new characters have to come on a show to make it interesting and to produce sl. All that bugs me, is, if they can't afford the actors that they ALREADY have, how can they afford to keep bringing NEW people on? Granted yes, newbies are cheaper. But why not just work with what you already HAVE???

When you have characters that people are already invested in... why not just work with that and develop that character. Instead of bringing on all the new people and trying to interest people.

As far as Sandra and her character, I have no problem with her. Salemites needs ALL the therapy they can get lmao ;)
Simple. It's cheaper to use a new character then a vet. Maybe that will change after they all take cuts but, as for right not, it's just cheaper.
It's simple economics. I'm going to use the example of school systems, with which I'm pretty familiar. There are many school districts who actually offer incentives to teachers who are at retirement age (pretty health benefit packages, etc), to entice them to retire, because hiring new teachers is so much cheaper. They're not getting rid of the positions.............they are filling them with people whose experience or need of a job often allow the districts to offer a lower contract. Ditto the pay cuts or salary freezes.

As for working with what they already have....seems to me they're starting to, except for maybe poor Leann Hunley. Doggone it. But, she's recurring. It just seems, according to spoilers, that those backburnered are making a comeback. I could be totally wrong. Who knows?
We still don't know who might be cut in the future. As far as we know, they might be wanting to take Days in another direction. That might be south, but at least it's a direction. And who's to say Whitesell or Tomlin aren't calling more of the shots?
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