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The bottom line for me is that I don't care about this show anymore. I watch bits and pieces here and there but that is it. Its also pretty damned clear to me that this is beginning of the official end of Days (and perhaps NBC). I've seen nothing that leads me to believe there will be an improvement in the quality of the show or anything done to bring viewers back. Therefore Days will continue to hover around 2.0 in the ratings at best.

The economy is bad for everyone and costs are being cut but I also see alot of businesses doing things to lure new customers, sales, specials, rewards programs, etc. but not with Days. I've been saying it for years but Corday clearly doesn't get it and after the show that his parents started has been cancelled, he can continue to find others to blame, but I will always blame him.
Is it POSSIBLE, misguided or not, that adding these new faces to the canvas is a way to draw in NEW viewers? So many posters here see things through the eyes of a viewer of many years who has already been shat on too many times. Maybe they're looking to new viewers. I'm not sure where they'll find them. It's like any market plan for businesses.....some make it and some fail. By hiring these actors from other soaps, it could be that TPTB are trying to draw in the fans of these actors.
Businesses do it all the time. Unfortunately, not all their plans pan out. Remember the banking and auto industries?
You could be right but if you are then the plan doesn't seem like a good one, not if you read boards where there is a lot of chatter about not caring about the new characters, wanting to see more of old ones, and boredom in general. Yes new products could help a failing company but the products must be of a certain quality which seems to be missing here.
And the boards are not a complete reflection of the whole viewing audience, just like the ratings (which show Days up vs last year but I digress). Someone is always left out like the person with no Nielson box or the person who doesn't go online to boards or the person who doesn't speak on boards for whatever reason. Not to mention many of the boards are fanbase-affiliated. Believe me, there are people out there who are not being heard or represented. Days DVR numbers in Sara Bibel's blog were very good, for example. It just goes to show you that while many are mad, just as many aren't and are watching the show. Hell, some people mad might be.

I agree with ladyofthelake and Drew. New characters are needed sometimes and people would be bitching if Kayla was involved in a scheme like that. Daniel would make sense but he would probably make people hate the story so why bother?

I also find it hilarious that some think Marlena should be fulfilling Charlotte's role because that would be unethical. Given how close Marlena is to John, it would be a major conflict and not good to do at all. Kayla pointed that out to her too the other day. This isn't the 80's or the 90's. J&M are not just getting to know each other or are in a place where they can work through something like this the proper way Marlena is not an unbiased party and her behavior has proven that she can't take this on properly without making it worse so how does it make sense to use Marlena? Maybe Dena could've brought back Laura Horton or some other past psychiatrist but using Marlena would've been stupid.
Days needs to do better than they are or else they will be cancelled (even though I think that decision has already been made), and that is the bottom line. The ratings may be up from last year but they still suck. New characters are fine, I agree with that but the big, big, big problem is that the writing for them sucks. They are cartoonish at times, annoying at others, and overall not really drawing in new viewers which should be the goal of Days. If all they set out to do is to save money then the show will be gone perhaps sooner than expected.

I get that there may be people out there watching, but the overall buzz is gone and boredom and criticism is at an all time high. Days has got to go beyond not making people mad, they need to get people interested and tuning back in.
People thought they would be cancelled this time and they got an 18 month renewal. Until the show actually gets canceled, I won't believe it. It's been on the brink since 1998 and that was when it was 2nd in HH.

Boredom and criticism may be high on DR and some other boards but what about off the boards? What about those on boards many don't frequent? What about those that don't count in the ratings or don't speak up on boards? Someone out there is enjoying and watching and that is my point. Not saying all is right with the world but something must be working with some people out there.
I've always figured that the boards are still a cross representation of all viewers. There is nothing fundamentally different between viewers who post and those who don't, we are all viewers or nonviewers with opinions. Its like presential polls, they are representational, not complete and while they have a margin of error, they still show a cross section. So for every viewer that posts there are x number of viewers who don't but share and opinion whether good or bad.

Yes, Days has been on the brink of cancellation for years but now its not just Days, networks are being open and blunt about not wanting soaps, especially NBC and the competition from other mediums has never been so high, and viewership for all soaps so low. I firmly believe that within a decade, TV will be completely different with shows released on the internet and then viewed via big screen monitors, some people already do that with you tube and ipod downloads. Add to that, the economic crisis we are facing which is worse than we have faced for decades and you have an entirely different scenario than in 1996 or even 2005 or 06 when they had their last renewal.

Which is why Days is baffling me, here they are supposedly fighting for their life and yet I see or hear of no big plans to get people watching on a regular basis or to find a way to keep the fans they have happy or at the very least, interested. They are cutting costs in order to meet budgets but their product is a failing one. Corday reminds me of the head of the big 3 automakers when they flew their private planes to WDC then cried poverty and blamed unions to help them get out of the mess they made.
You make a point but I think they are just being realistic. The soap audience is not coming back and I also think they know the DVR numbers and that more people are watching then indicated in the Nielson's. Hell, look at primetime. Numbers are down there too. TV, in general, is suffering and I think your right about the future. I think the soaps are just trying to stay afloat in hopes that something will come along to save them. At the very least, they can squeeze more out of them. I think the mindset right now is simply survival and trying to stay on and, hopefully, things get better at some point, although doubtful.
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