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Dec 15 2008, 06:44 PM
I fear, my dear, you misunderstand my statement and my intent,
Yes, of course I do, dear. Likewise.

although it seems that it's apparently common knowledge that I might be "reveling" in the firings. Or, then again, maybe I hit a nerve?

Like it is common knowledge that many people, naturally, are upset by this period, without that necessarily meaning that they also harbor ill feeling towards others. Revel in it all you like, that’s your prerogative. What’s hitting a nerve apparently, is the attention all of this is getting. May I direct you to how “sick as hell of the subject” you are and how you seem to have “people” who are angry about this all figured out.

I don't wish anyone out of a job. Nor do I expect people to necessarily be dancing in the streets that their favorites were fired. However, I do sense the possibilities that any "replacement" actors might be the target of resentment, through absolutely no fault of their own.

Yes, we know... and how “people” are just pissed that their favorites are being fired, which undoubtedly means they are pissed at other actors who dare take a job. Your intent was very clear, fear not.

And while we are at it, indeed, some actors “replacement” or otherwise are the target of resentment, again, through absolutely no fault of their own...

Case in point:

THAT'S what I meant by my sarcastic remark about people having the audacity to take an acting job on Days after two highly worshipped people are fired. (let me qualify that.......two were fired...one exists on an altar, apparently).

Tsk, tsk. Such resentment ;)

Your sarcastic remark was duly noted and dare I say, understood from the get go.

So, in your attempts to try to give me yet another black eye, well.......I fear they were miscontrued.

Is that what I was attempting to do? Didn’t realize my words carried such punch :>

And even if I was revelling in Deidre being fired (which I'm not.....I'm just sick as hell of the subject, which I don't think warrants this much attention. No actor does),

And even if people are just upset or pissed that others are being hired in lieu of Deidre because they are just angry that Deidre has been fired...

how would that be any different than folks possibly reveling in Dena Higley getting fired? Losing a job is losing a job, whether the person is beloved, liked by some, tolerated, or despised.

how is that any less admirable than folks possibly revelling in Deidre being fired just because? Do you get it?

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